The Role of Email Marketing in Modern Digital Marketing Efforts

The Role of Email Marketing in Modern Digital Marketing Efforts
Published in : 17 Jan 2023

The Role of Email Marketing in Modern Digital Marketing Efforts

Email marketing strategies are getting more popular day by day as it is easy to execute and user-friendly in communication. The development of technological knowledge is the shadow of this popularity. Since the majority of people are nowadays engaged with digital communication methods, paper-based marketing strategies are diminishing day by day. Yet, still, telecommunication methods are on the competitive stage with email marketing in modern digital marketing efforts.

Well, let's discuss possibilities, needfulness and the effective use of email marketing to meet modernist commercial needs.

Definition of email marketing and its place in the larger field of digital marketing

Email marketing is the use of digital or e-message systems to share a unique advertisement or information with the bulk of the audience at once.

But, this is not only the choice of digital marketing. Telecommunication, televisions, social media and many other essential digital marketing strategies are there in the competition. Yet, the nature of getting popular with this method of marketing seems sooner will become the number one choice globally.

However, the level of digital literacy has become the biggest barrier to meeting email marketing as the global choice of commercial use. Anyway, many experts are interested in researching the role of email marketing in modern digital marketing efforts. So, this will become the first-ever choice of marketing strategies among the digitally literate population in the near future.

The benefits of email marketing in modern digital marketing

Yes! According to my point, email marketing offers no disadvantages when compared to benefits. Unless the person is unaware of emails they receive for email marketing purposes, this is the ideal and convenient use of marketing tools in the newest era.

So, I would like to summarise the benefits of email marketing as follows. But, make sure the benefits are not limited to these four listed here. Once you enrol with the ongoing email marketing campaign as a receiver or sender, you will be able to identify how far it has spread out of these four.

Increased customer engagement and loyalty

Customers are loyal to their privacy. And, they like to receive a well-described connection to a product by addressing themselves.

The A/B testing feature of email marketing which enables the ability to address the recipient name is a good choice to avail these benefits. The majority of the experts are believing this feature can increase customer engagement with your product as it seems a personalised message.

Cost-effectiveness compared to other marketing channels

Usually, you will have to pay a considerable amount of money to go for an email marketing campaign. At initial sight, it seems this amount is extremely higher and you may execute your purposes easily through other marketing strategies. 

But, if we truly look at it, you can reach more clients for the amount you spend for email marketing than from other marketing tools. And, since you can access more clients within a short period, this further enables cost-effective marketing with adequately increased profitability.

The ability to track and measure the success of campaigns

Not like other strategies, email marketing campaigns are powerful with statistics. It means, even you can track your progress with updated statistics and how your campaign progresses.

Integration with other digital marketing channels and tools

Even if you do not go for other email marketing strategies, you can integrate email marketing campaigns through those tools as well. As an example, you may use social media campaigns simultaneously with email marketing strategies. Thus, your marketing campaign will be successful three to four folds.

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Best practices for email marketing in modern digital marketing

The novel email marketing strategies are focusing on reaching clients with enough digital literacy. But, digital literacy is not only the ability to access advanced technical systems.

So, it further can be shared through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. This seems the turn of a new page in future of email marketing.

Segmenting email lists and targeting specific audiences

When you are starting an email marketing campaign, you have a hand in an email list of targeted audiences. Selecting this audience is also challenging as it should directly address their desire to try your product. , if you address an audience that is not prone to trying the product's effectiveness, it will never be a successful campaign.

So, the best way is the segmenting target audience appropriately. Then you can market specific emails through those segmented groups to implement the exact purpose of the email marketing campaign you are going to launch.

Personalization and customization of emails

More personalised, specific kinds of emails are attractive to people out of generalised emails spread among almost all the target audience. Thus, dividing the target audience into small groups will let you send more specialised personal messages to your clients by increasing their engagement with your product.

Optimization for mobile devices

Nowadays, mobile devices are more popular than computerised systems, as those are convenient to use, easy to handle and all applications are in user-friendly interfaces.

Thus, if you could optimize your email marketing campaigns to Android, Apple and all other mobile devices, it can easily share among the target audience.

Since mobile devices are in use for 24 hours among the majority of people with at least a grade one or two in digital literacy, you may reach a massive client base with the smallest time gap than using a computer-only email campaign.

So, be confident to use this feature in the majority of email marketing campaigns which allows you to gain maximum benefits from modern digital-based email marketing campaigns.

Use of automation and trigger emails

Automation is another important feature to execute easy, fastest, specific emails to the target audience. Wonderfully, this feature is common among all email marketing tools. The practical use of this technique will let you meet your objective easily.

Integration with social media and other digital marketing channels

As we described earlier, the majority of email marketing tools are compatible with social media sharing. So, you may easily interface with social media to speed up your email marketing campaign.

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Case studies and examples of successful email marketing in modern digital marketing

The case studies and trials were done in email marketing have become the best guidelines to find out the best practices which are 100% matches the current era. Here are a few of those important finding of key companies that uses email marketing as their core strategy.

Company Momentum Worldwide's email marketing campaign resulted in increased website traffic and sales through the findings of a case study

This case study has focused on finding out the best lead-generating sources and the most engaging marketing trends.

They have found that content marketing is the most ideal way of marketing trends out of 12 components. The second and third most important trend is big data and marketing automation.

Further, according to this study, social media, search engine optimization and email marketing are the top three methods of e-commerce marketing in the era.

However, since both social media and search engine optimizations are marketing through inbound links, they are concluding that email marketing is an outstanding method for targeted outbound trades.

Hootsuite's use of email marketing to drive social media engagement and customer loyalty

As a well-known social media scheduling partner among B2B audiences, this company has used email marketing to encourage their clients to get their services. Through that, they are hoping to generate more leads in their social media and have more trades.

Agro's implementation of email automation and trigger emails led to increased customer retention

A popular childcare retailer in the UK also has tried to conduct a case study to reveal the effects of email marketing on selling frequency.

As they highlight the personalization and automation of emails as customer responses can increase the rates of purchases in many fields than usual. They have concluded these findings based on their studies by replying with promoting emails to the potential clients who kept the interested items in their carts.

As with these findings, they said, this strategy was helpful to increase their sales and leads.

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Email marketing modern digital marketing techniques are offering numerous number of benefits to popular brands and even to developing brands. Easy execution, customer personalization, automation and cost-effectiveness are a few of those.

But, the gap in knowledge of the proper use of these techniques and the lack of literacy has become the major barrier for small-scale businesses to utilize this technology. However, the best practices of email marketing in modern digital marketing will offer the ultimate profitability for your firm.

The varying kind of case studies done by popular trades has found that integrating email marketing into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can definitely enhance the purchase rates several folds. Again, it will increase the profitability and the customer base as well.

But, there is a need for further experiments and case studies with different approaches and techniques to find the best fit for a business's specific goals and needs. Your findings and conclusions will definitely turn a new page in email marketing in modern digital marketing efforts.

So, we would like to share a motive with you all to carry out email marketing as a passion and explore it as a science.